Welcome to Math 5!

Please review all notes on this page and then use the page as a gateway to the Math 5 resources: helpful hints, links to online resources, study packets, and more.  Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom for all information!

Let the wise listen and add to their learning.         Proverbs 1:5


In 5th grade we will work on learning how to take good math notes.  The students will be given some fill-in the blank notes to glue into their notebooks and will also have to copy examples from class.

Study Guides:

5th graders will get a study guide at the beginning of each unit, which they need to keep in their math folders throughout the whole unit.  The guide includes vocabulary, important concepts to practice, page numbers for practice tests, and self-evaluation questions.  

MobyMax Requirement:

5th graders are required to do 30 minutes per week of MobyMax under the "Math" icon.  The week runs from Sunday to Saturday, and the minutes cannot be made up.


Assigned: Thursday 1/17
Due: Friday 1/18
4-2 HW and R
Assigned: Monday 1/14
Due: Friday 1/18
Unit 4 Terms
Assigned: Wednesday 1/16
Due: Thursday 1/17
Powers of Ten Worksheets
Assigned: Tuesday 1/15
Due: Wednesday 1/16
(4-1) HW and R in wkbk
Assigned: Thursday 1/10
Due: Friday 1/11
Real-world Activity 1 and 2
Assigned: Wednesday 1/9
Due: Thursday 1/10
Complete Bakery Packet
Assigned: Tuesday 1/8
Due: Wednesday 1/9
Bakery 8-10
Assigned: Friday 1/4
Due: Monday 1/7
Bakery pg. 6-7
Assigned: Thursday 1/3
Due: Friday 1/4
Bakery pg. 5

Show your work!

Assigned: Sunday 12/23
Due: Wednesday 1/2
Moby Math

Moby Math is optional during break.  Students who do it can get up to 6 extra credit points--1 point per 10 mintues of Moby.

Assigned: Wednesday 12/19
Due: Friday 12/21
Complete first four pages of bakery packet
Assigned: Friday 12/14
Due: Friday 12/14
Unit 3 Test

Postponed unitl Tuesday, Dec. 18th.

Assigned: Tuesday 12/11
Due: Tuesday 12/11
Quick Quiz
Assigned: Monday 12/10
Due: Tuesday 12/11
(3-12) HW and R
Assigned: Wednesday 12/5
Due: Thursday 12/6
(3-11) HW and R
Assigned: Monday 12/3
Due: Tuesday 12/4
(3-10) HW and R
Assigned: Friday 11/30
Due: Monday 12/3
(3-9) HW side only
Assigned: Thursday 11/29
Due: Friday 11/30
(3-7) and (3-8) HW sides only
Assigned: Wednesday 11/28
Due: Wednesday 11/28
Quick Quiz
Assigned: Tuesday 11/27
Due: Wednesday 11/28
Fraction Multiplication Review Packet
Assigned: Monday 11/26
Due: Tuesday 11/27
(3-5) HW and R
Assigned: Monday 11/19
Due: Tuesday 11/20
(3-6) HW and R
Assigned: Friday 11/16
Due: Monday 11/19
Multiplication/Division Color Review Sheets
Assigned: Thursday 11/15
Due: Friday 11/16
(3-4) HW and R
Assigned: Thursday 11/15
Due: Thursday 11/15
(3-3) HW and R
Assigned: Monday 11/12
Due: Thursday 11/15
Unit 2 Test Corrections
Assigned: Tuesday 11/13
Due: Wednesday 11/14
(3-2) HW and R
Assigned: Monday 11/12
Due: Tuesday 11/13
(3-1) HW and R
Assigned: Thursday 11/8
Due: Friday 11/9
Unit 3 Terms
Assigned: Tuesday 11/6
Due: Tuesday 11/6
Unit 2 Test
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