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Let the wise listen and add to their learning.  Proverbs 1:5

Thursday 2/14/2019
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For more information on the topic, see the study guide found below in the "Resources" section.

Tuesday 9/6/2016
Math Club

The 6th-8th Grade FMCA Math Club is a chapter of the National Math Club.  It is designed to "build confidence in students of all ability and interest levels by giving them the opportunity to engage in unique math activities in a relaxed, social setting."  It runs during the Third Quarter.


Notebook Requirements~

All students are required to have a spiral notebook devoted entirely to math with them daily.

  • All sections are labeled properly.
  • All covered sections are found complete with charts and examples.
  • Homework is labeled, complete and corrected in notebook. 
  • Name is on notebook cover: must have name to receive a grade!

Always go back over your notes the night they were taken!  Make sure they make sense and write down any questions you have.  Complete any charts or diagrams that you missed during class.  Make sure they are ready to refer to as you study.

Your homework is meant as a practice for you!  Work through it, attempt each problem, and do your best.

Study Guide Requirements~ 

Students are given a study packet at the beginning of each unit that they must keep in their math folders.

  • You should know all the definitions; you won't directly be tested on them, but to answer the test questions you need to know them! These are due the day after you are given the study guide.

  • You will need to answer all of the review questions by the test review day; these help you make better connections and learn the steps.

  • You should try all of the online practice quiz and test problems; they are similar to the test questions!

  • Look ahead at the self-evaluation; it isn't due until the day after the test, but it lists what you should/could be doing to study as we progress through the unit.

Are you making good use of your study packet?  Each day you should go over the components in the packet that pertain to the day's lesson. 

MobyMax Requirement~

Each week the students are required to complete 45 minutes of MobyMax math under the "Math" icon.  The week runs Sunday through Saturday for Moby; these minutes cannot be made up, so be sure to get them done each week!. They are given login information the first day of school and should use that to log into their accounts.  This assignment helps them go back and strengthen areas in which they are weak, as the program assigns modules based on student work. Parents, you can log into your student's account as a parent with his/her login information to monitor progress!




"Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe." 
~Galileo Galilei